Forest School

A journey into the woods.

Our New Forest School Site

At Manor Farm Infant School the children in reception will all have the opportunity to experience Forest school. We are fortunate enough to have two Forest school sites, 1 based in the school grounds and 1 based 10 minutes walk away in Common Wood. This means that the pupils have two different natural locations to investigate and contrast. We follow the Forest school principals whereby children are shown a variety of skills but the learning is based on individual children’s interests. They will have the chance to hunt for minibeasts, create imaginatively with natural resources, learn more about birds, make dens, fashion homes for bugs, start to identify different plants and animals and much more.

Led by Mrs Woodstock and a band of experienced parent helpers we head off on a Tuesday to explore the natural world. Each week when we get to our site the children and adults check the boundary, the children love taking responsibility for safety routines, ‘Danger there are prickly holly leaves, the shout goes up’. We finish our sessions sitting in base camp having a hot chocolate, sharing our favourite experiences and listening to a story.

Forest School Medical Information Form

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