Welcome to Class Elm

Elm Class 2018-2019


What a fantastic start Elm class have made to their time at school. They already know the routines of the day and are proving themselves to be a kind and helpful group of children. It has been lovely to hear all their holiday news and this week to find out where the children would like to live if they could choose. In a camper van was the clear winner but an igloo also proved a popular choice. We are looking forward to learning more about each other and enjoying lots of busy days together this term.


Elm Class 2017-2018



Welcome to Elm Class. We have had a wonderful first week or so and have really impressed everyone with our cheerful start to school. We are a very friendly and busy class and love spending time in our garden area. We are already trying our very best to earn House points and sit beautifully to listen to stories. Our days are spent with Mrs Bing and Mrs Hardie and they are really enjoying getting to know us all.


Elm Class 2016-2017

elmWe have made a fantastic start to school life and are settling in brilliantly.  We already know so many of the routines and can get ourselves ready for the day by putting away all our things without any help.
This half term we are learning all about “Ourselves” and have been keen to share ideas about the food and toys we like, as well as those we are less keen on.
The portraits we have painted are almost finished and we clearly have some budding artists in the class.
We have been so lucky with the weather and Elm class have loved exploring our outside areas.
After such a great start we are looking forward to an exciting term together.


Elm Class 2015-2016

May 2016


Elm Class have been very busy this term.  We have been noticing our changing environment – lots of flowers, buds on trees and baby animals being born.  We have also been observing the frog life cycle – our tadpoles are getting bigger by the day !

We were very excited to build our own boats out of recycled materials and worked with focus as we considered what to use to help our boats float and what details we could put on them, such as chairs for the passengers to sit on, carpets in the middle so they don’t slip and a rain cover so nobody gets wet !

We have just started to learn about staying healthy and making good choices and can’t wait to harvest our carrots that we have been growing, this summer.

Elm Class 2015-16

Elm Class has settled well into their new school routine. The children are interacting well with each other and new friendships are budding.

Elm Class is a creative class! The children particularly enjoy imaginary play, open-ended arts and crafts and lots of singing and dancing!  They are fast becoming confident, independent learners who take great pleasure in choosing activities and resources for themselves.

We have recently been learning about “Where We Live” and have been for a local walk in the community and talked about places of interest in High Wycombe.  The children have particularly enjoyed learning about London and are now knowledgeable and keen to explore our Capital.  This is what it’s all about in Elm Class “lighting that fire!”

Elm Class 2014-2015

The children of Elm Class have made a great start to the year! New friendships are already forming and there is a growing sense of ‘belonging.’ This year the children are particularly creative and find great pleasure in stories, construction, role play and artistic endeavours. We are currently learning about shapes in Maths and the children have actively participated in multi-sensory activities such as shape walks and games, including use of the interactive whiteboard. We are also using this opportunity to learn about the origins of abstract art and have even made our own replicas of Kandinsky’s concentric circles. This year is all about having fun, developing self-esteem and igniting a passion for life-long learning.



Elm Class 2013-2014


Elm Class 2012-2013

Elm class are one of three Reception classes at Manor Farm. Elm have had a lovely start to our school adventure by making the most of the late Summer sunshine in our outdoor classroom. We have been getting to know each other and discovering there are lots of ways to learn, whilst having fun. Elm class are especially keen on building and constructing so it looks like there will be lots of exciting projects to share with our families in the forthcoming year.

Our topic this half term is ‘All about me’ which has given Mrs Horne and Mrs Morris lots of opportunities to find out what interests us and what we are good at. Already Elms are a friendly, outgoing bunch which bodes well for the future.

Elm Class 2011-2012

We are Elm class, a reception class and we work hard and have fun with Mrs Horne and Mrs Hardie.

ELM class is all about Everyone Loving being at Manor Farm Infant School. Each child Learns More by supporting each other in the Foundation year of the learning journey.

Everyone Likes Making sure we understand our topics by filling our class with lots of choice of activities, super equipment, great learning opportunities and most of all fun and laughter.

We have just had activity week and learnt lots about the sea. We made fantastic sea creatures that are now displayed in our classroom.

May 2012

Elm class have had a term, immersing themselves wholeheartedly into our new Reception topic – ‘People who help us’. They have learned about how the postal service super start to the Summer operates, written their own postcards, sent them and enjoyed receiving them at home. They have also gained a basic understanding of first aid thanks to our medical visitors and some can even apply bandages and plaster casts now! They then also took turns being cops and robbers. Can you guess which job we found most exciting?!