Welcome to Class Oak

Oak Class 2018-2019


We are Oak class and we have made a brilliant start to life at Manor Farm Infant School. We are really enjoying getting to know each other as we begin our time at school. We have been settling into routines and have been having a great time exploring, playing and learning. We have been finding out so much about everything including the name of our class! As we are in Oak class, we have taken time outside to look carefully at the oak tree beside our EYFS garden. It is over 100 years old! We have enjoyed looking at the changing leaves and collecting acorns. If you visit our class, you will see that we have created an oak tree on one of our display boards. Our teachers are Mrs Topley, Mrs Woodstock and Mrs Morris. Mrs Topley teaches us from Monday to Wednesday morning. Mrs Woodstock takes over on Wednesday afternoon and teaches us until the end of the week. We are lucky to have Mrs Morris with us every day!


Oak Class 2017-2018



We are Oak class and our teachers are Mrs Graul, Mrs Law and Mrs Morris.

Our teachers are already so proud of us all. We are enjoying getting to know each other through our ‘There’s no-one quite like me’ topic and we have already found out about our birthdays, families and pets as well as our favourite toys and things to do. We love to play in the reception garden and we also really enjoy playing with playmobil and duplo together. Lots of us are really excited to use the smartboard too. Our classroom is gradually filling up with our bright and beautiful artwork. We are all feeling happy and excited about our fun adventures to come and we have made a brilliant start to ‘big school’!


Oak Class 2016-2017


In Oak class we have been having lots of fun learning and playing together and getting to know each other. We found out that almost all of us had visited the seaside or had gone swimming during the summer holidays.  We especially love spending time in the Foundation Stage garden and story time is another one of our favourite times of day.
We loved Roald Dahl day and making sweeties from Charlie’s chocolate factory as well as the winning golden tickets. We imagined what ‘Oompa Loompas’ might look like and painted them!
One of our favourite playtime games is “What’s the Time Mr Wolf”. We are really enjoying learning to use the adventure trail in the playground too!
Wednesday was very exciting as we took part in our first P.E. lesson together. We had lots of fun thinking about how to use our bodies in a safe and controlled way.
We are looking forward to learning more about our bodies and our senses over the coming weeks. Lots of us are excited about learning how to write our names all by ourselves on our work.


Oak Class 2015-2016

May 2016

Ships Ahoy !
Oak Class have weighed the anchor and are searching for treasure on a desert island!  We used our treasure maps to follow the trail to find the treasure.  We’ve learnt lots of facts about pirates and enjoyed dressing up.

Watch out for Captain Blackbeard !


Oak Class 2015-16

We are Oak class! We have settled well into school life and have enjoyed exploring our new environment. We especially enjoy role playing in Oak Rock Café, being waiters, waitresses and chefs, and we also enjoy being outdoors! We are making lots of new friends and learning how to be kind to each other and share our toys. This half term our topic has been ‘Where we live’ so we have been naming and looking at some of the places we visit in High Wycombe and we went for a walk in the local area!


Oak Class 2014-2015

We are Oak class.  We are an inquisitive class that likes to explore our new classroom and the outdoor area. We especially enjoy using the interactive whiteboard to play maths games and like to experiment with the magnetic toys.  We love going outside and getting messy! This half term we are learning all about ourselves.  We are making lots of new friends and learning how to be kind to each other and share our toys.  Within our topic we will also be talking about our families and exploring our senses.


Oak Class 2013-2014

Oak Class 2012-2013

We are Oak class, a reception class, and we have fun and enjoy learning new things together with Mrs Law and Mrs Hardie.

Our favourite thing in our classroom is the Interactive Whiteboard. We also like building with mobilo and duplo. We love dressing up and playing in the role play area, but most of all we love being outside and discovering new things.


Oak Class 2011-12

We are Oak class, a reception class, and we work hard and have fun with Miss Coppard and Mrs Wickens.

Our favourite story is ‘The Gingerbread Man’.  We like to retell the story and we have done all sorts of wonderful Gingerbread Man activities. One of our favourite games is ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and we are very good at organising this game by ourselves.

We are very interested in animals and like to watch David Attenborough documentaries with Miss Coppard. We are really fascinated by the blue whale and the golden orb web spider. When we are working outside we like to watch the wood pigeons and red kites that share the playground with us.

We are very good with numbers. When Miss Coppard takes the register, if anybody is away we work out how many children there are in the class using subtraction in our heads. We also take the register in a special way by saying ‘Good Morning’ to the person who comes after them in the register, then Mrs Wickens wishes Miss Coppard a good morning and it makes us smile and sometimes giggle!

Miss Coppard and Mrs Wickens say ‘the best thing about Oak class is how everyone takes good care of each other.’

May 2012

During the warmer weather we enjoyed some minibeast hunts in the garden. We loved playing with ‘spaghetti worms’ glitter and toy minibeasts in a huge tray squishing glittery sticky spaghetti worms into cups and hiding toy minibeasts in there too, it was excellent fun! In class we found out more about the insects we had found and we enjoyed learning new things about them. We also got creative using colourful paper to make our own versions of Matisse’s art work ‘The Snail’.

Before the holidays, we were so excited when the Easter Bunny left us a long letter answering the questions we had asked him. We found out that his fur changes colour over time so he can be brown, white, black or yellow. He likes to play with the baby animals that are born in the Spring time. He couldn’t meet us because he was too busy but he left us a treasure trail to follow and some colourful eggs to decorate our chocolate cakes with!

Our new topic is ‘People who help us’. During Police week Wilf the dog went missing. We wrote reports about the incident to send to the local police station and made ‘Lost’ posters asking for help to find Wilf

We were really relieved when Wilf was safely returned to school by PC Baker. We made cards and welcome home banners and there was some fantastic writing about Wilf’s return!