Mission Statement

‘We will endeavour to provide a safe and stimulating¬†environment where academic, social, physical, creative¬†and aesthetic values allow all pupils to develop, grow in confidence and fulfil their potential.’

School Values and Aims

  • to value each member of the school community.
  • to value education for its own sake as a means to enable children to develop to their maximum capacity and to make informed choices.
  • to foster a sense of self esteem and enable everyone to fulfil his or her potential in a caring disciplined and stimulating environment where talents and achievements are recognised and celebrated.
  • to develop understanding and respect for all people, promoting high standards of courtesy, consideration and behaviour.
  • to offer a broad and balanced range of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom, which includes moral, spiritual, cultural, practical, creative,¬†aesthetic, physical and social education.
  • to enable pupils to become literate and numerate and to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to their future lives.
  • to encourage pupils to take pride in their school and to become aware of its place in the wider community and to promote enjoyment and happiness for all.