Welcome to Class Spruce

Spruce Class 2018-2019


We have settled happily into Spruce Class and have been enjoying getting to know each other and making new friends.
In Year 1 we love books and sharing stories together and we have had great fun retelling and acting them out.  Lots of stories have been about animals which we loved reading about.  We have also enjoyed talking about our own families, homes and pets


Spruce Class 2017-2018


We are Spruce Class.  We are unique because we are the only class to have Year 1s and Year 2s.  Mrs Lane teaches Year 1 in the mornings. Mrs Natarajan teaches Year 2 in the mornings and all of Spruce in the afternoons.  We have 2 fabulous teaching assistants, Mrs Shirley and Mrs Heathers, to support our learning.
We always come into school with a smile on our face and we enjoy new challenges! We have discovered that lots of us like pizza, pasta and chocolate.  We have enjoyed playing new games together – our favourites are rock, paper, scissors and Heads Down, Thumbs Up. We’re looking forward to a great year ahead.


Spruce Class 2016-2017


We are unique !
We have both Year 1 and 2 children in our class.  Mrs Natarajan teaches the year 2’s in the morning and all of us in the afternoons.  Mrs Lane teaches year 1 in the mornings. We have two brilliant teaching assistants, Mrs Shirley and Miss Moorcraft who support us with our learning.
So far we have found out that we all love eating pesto pasta and chocolate fingers!
We love listening to stories and year 1 have been making story bags and are keen to make more!
Year 2 have enjoyed learning about Roald Dahl and the Horrid Henry stories.  Spruce class have started to learn about the countries that form the United Kingdom and about our local area.  We also love earning dojo points!


Spruce Class 2015-2016

May 2016

We’ve been having so much fun in Spruce Class!  Our favourite topics have been Space and Superheroes.  We loved creating our own Superhero routines in P.E. using different movements and balances.  We also made our own pop art pictures using paint and digital photographs that we took ourselves.  We have learnt a lot of amazing facts about the planets in our solar system and what an astronaut’s life is like.

At the moment, we’re having a sunflower growing competition.  We planted our own seeds in soil, watered them and left them on a well lit window sill.  They’re growing really well and we’re excited to see how tall they grow!

Spruce Class 2015-16

Welcome to Spruce Class!  We are a Year 1 and Year 2 class and we are settling in well.  We are very lucky because we have lots of teachers to help us learn:  Miss Philipps, Mrs Easton, Miss Moorcraft, Mrs Heathers and Mrs Warden.  Our new topic is “Where We Live” and we have been enjoying sharing photographs of our favourite places and reading postcards from around the world.  We have also been enjoying learning about our body and the five senses – we love science experiments!


Spruce Class 2014-2015

Spruce Class have had a busy but exciting start to the new school year. We have all settled in well and enjoying our adventure in Year 1.  Our hard work has already started this year with Mr Stimpson, Mrs Jones, Mrs Heathers and Mrs Warden and we are having lots of fun. We are working on and growing into amazing writers, mathematicians and scientists.

Everyday our room is full of enthusiasm, energy and excitement in all that we do and we are looking forwards to our journey together in Spruce Class.


Spruce Class 2013-2014

Spruce 2012-2013

Welcome to our exciting Spruce class! It is only the beginning of our year 1 adventure and already we are growing into independent, problem solving learners, experts, scientists and authors. We have had lots of fun with our teacher Mr Rivers, Mrs Heathers and Mrs Shirley.

We are enjoying learning and growing together, and we love to smile and shout out confidently that we are ready to learn every morning. No challenge is too big for us!

This term we have had a surprise as Grandpa Rivers has left us in charge of his old toy factory. It will be our job and responsibility to use our fantastic skills in designing, organising and managing to make sure we have the best toy shop in the whole of Wycombe. We even had to interview for the job by presenting a new toy design via web cam. We have also been getting really good with our numbers so that we can sell our toys and experimenting as scientists to understand which materials to use and how to make them move using forces.

We will shortly be visiting a Toy Museum to become experts in historic toys and crafting.

We will keep you updated of our learning journey!

Spruce Class 2011-2012

We are Spruce class, a year 1 class and we work hard and have fun with Miss Harding and Mrs Jones.

We are enjoying learning and growing together with our teachers. At the beginning of the year we found out lots of facts about our tree. An interesting fact about Spruce trees is that they come in lots of different colours. We noticed Spruce trees grow woody cones on their branches and we think the cones feel like cornflakes. As a class we have planted our own tree from a seed and are excited about watching in grow throughout the year.

Last term our topic was ‘Space and The 1960’s’. We really enjoyed finding out about different music from this period, especially ‘The Beatles’. We watched the video of ‘The Yellow Submarine’ and used this to design our own record sleeves for this single.

May 2012

At the beginning of this Summer Term, Spruce Class have enjoyed investigating our new topic, Near and Far. We have being looking at the Isle of Struay (Coll) and comparing it to Hazlemere. As a class we have explore the island, making our own maps as well as comparing the transport and buildings in both places.  We thoroughly enjoyed using tissue paper to create our own family tartan and naming it using our surnames.

In literacy we have been writing recounts, planning our own animal stories and exploring instruction writing. As a class we enjoyed making rainbow kebabs using a variety of yummy fruit. Have a look at how to make the Rainbow Kebabs, be careful of the bossy verbs!!!!