Special Events

Year 2 Leavers – 21st July 2023

This morning was a celebration of our Year 2’s and how much they have achieved and grown since beginning school in 2020.
They performed their leavers assembly beautifully and shared these photographs.
We wish our Year 2 families all the best.

Fiver Challenge – 20th July 2023

After weeks of planning, organising, discussing and making the eight year 2 teams were ready and excited to run their stalls on Thursday afternoon. It was amazing to see them confidently explaining their products and calculating totals for people to pay, as well as mastering giving change. They were selling badges, ice-creams, second hand clothes, fridge magnets, fans, air fresheners and lemonade. There was a penalty shoot out and a group that wrote an original story which was so popular they even had to take orders! We are incredibly proud of all the children and their effort and enthusiasm and know they had a wonderful afternoon. Thank you to everyone for supporting the event to make it such a success.

Activity Week – Water Day 18th July 2023

As part of our Activity Week in our last week of term, we all enjoyed a ‘Fun Day’.
Please enjoy looking at some photos of us having so much fun as we had water play, an inflatable assault course and making ice creams !

Performance Assembly – 12th July 2023

This months performance assembly included dance, football, gymnastics, joke telling and singing.

Sports Day – Wednesday 21st June 2023

Visit from Oreo and Friends – Tuesday 20th June 2023

Today Years 1 and 2 were very excited to receive a visit from Oreo and his friends.  The children met a Millipede, a Chinese Water Dragon, a Boa Constrictor, a Python, a Tenrec, an Armadillo, a Meerkat and a Skunk.

Performance Assembly – Wednesday 7th June 2023

This months performance assembly once again saw a range of dancing, singing, football skills, gymnastics, marshall arts, music and joke telling.

Jungle Juniors 24th May 2023

On Wednesday 24th May, EYFS were excited to have a visit from Jess from Jungle Juniors and her collection of minibeast, amphibians and reptiles. The children met a hissing cockroach, a giant land snail, a millipede, a bull frog, a tarantula and a boa constrictor. The children learnt a lot of exciting facts and were even allowed to touch and hold them. This added excitement to their current minibeast topic.

The children were filled with enthusiasm from the visit which they then took back into their classroom. They remembered interesting facts about the creatures they met and produced some great writing. Some children also took this into their independent play in the garden area and enthusiastically turned themselves into the creatures they saw, creeping and crawling around the garden.

Coronation Day – Friday 5th May 2023

Coronation day celebrations began with welcoming many Kings and Queens through the gates of Manor Farm Infant School.  Throughout the day crowns were made, plants were planted, a drama challenge completed, an afternoon tea eaten as well as many more regal related activities taking place.  We finished our day by coming together wearing our crowns to sing our Coronation song which was sung beautifully.

Performance Assembly – Thursday 4th May 2023

We held our first performance assembly led by Mrs Whelan this week for Year 1 and Year 2.  It was wonderful to see the children perform a range of dancing, singing, poetry and joke telling with such confidence and joy.  Our next performance assembly will be next month where children will choose to sign up if they wish to perform.

Grandparents Day
Friday 28th April – Year 2

On Friday 28th April, the Year 2’s had some special visitors. Their grandparents arrived to take part in a special lesson about belonging. They helped the children to complete an activity called ‘What helps me belong’ and ended the afternoon with a lovely poem and song to show their grandparents what they have been learning at school. Everyone involved had a lovely time 🙂 

Wednesday 3rd May – EYFS

We had a fantastic morning where the Grandparents of Oak and Ash Class came to visit us.  We listened to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story and had loads of fun completing various activities linked to this.  We enjoyed showing off our classrooms and were proud to sing on the stage for you all. 

Earth Day – Friday 21st April 2023

On Friday the 21st April, we celebrated Earth Day in school. The Year 2 classes did some excellent junk modelling and made items of clothing out of recycled materials. We had hats, bracelets and even a suit of armour! We are working alongside Tylers Green First School to choose a winner for the modelling competition, and they will be sending us photos of their best designs for us to vote on a winner for their school. The children had a great time and were very excited to be getting involved with another local school to celebrate this very important day. 

Coronation Song – Wednesday 8th March 2023

Earlier this month we were very lucky to enjoy a singing workshop led by teachers from The Chiltern Music Academy to introduce a song commissioned for the Coronation of King Charles. The children will be continuing to learn and practise this song ready to sing together when we celebrate the coronation in school in May. We were all so proud of the children’s beautiful and accomplished singing which was highly commended by The Chiltern Music Academy who noted:

“We were impressed by the warm, happy atmosphere of the school, and the politeness of the children.  Everyone, joined in wholeheartedly with focus and musicality as they learnt this regal song in record time! The staff and children must be congratulated on rising to the challenge and then performing the Coronation Song beautifully.  Well done everyone!” 

World Book Day – Monday 27th February 2023

Today each of the classes celebrated World Book Day. All of the children and staff came to school wearing their pyjamas. In the morning everyone mixed with their partner class and enjoyed sharing their favourite book with a friend.

In the afternoon the children had an assembly where they chose their preferred book and made a headband to represent their favourite character. During assembly the children took part in a parade and each of the other classes had to guess who the character was. At the end of the day the teachers swapped to a different year group and shared their favourite book with the class.  

Pancake Day Tuesday – 21st February 2023

Today the children have celebrated Shove Tuesday. The excitement started when the Year 2 classes shared what they had learnt about Shove Tuesday with an assembly with the rest of the school. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the tradition of pancake racing in Buckinghamshire. They enjoyed taking part in their own races too.

In EYFS and Year 1 the children enjoyed making and eating their own pancakes. In Year 1 they also wrote instructions on how to make them.

9th February 2023

This week EYFS had a visit from PC Bidewell.  The children were enthralled to hear about his role as a police officer and had lots of interesting questions to ask.  They learnt that PC Bidewell’s’ favourite part of his job is keeping people safe.  The children were fortunate enough to be allowed to try on the police officers hat, hold the police radio and look closely at his police warrant badge. 

7th February 2023

This week, we had an assembly to celebrate Safer Internet Day. We learned that anyone can put anything on the internet and that although there are lots of kind people that use the internet, there may also be people who want to trick you. Our most important lesson was to keep our personal information private and to talk to an adult if we see anything that worries us.

31st January 2023

As part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic EYFS were fortunate to have a visit from a nurse who works in a local hospital.  The children were in awe of the different ways she looks after people and especially enjoyed watching Mrs Morris having her arm put in a plaster cast!  During the week the children had opportunities to make their own doctors and nurses bags, enjoyed playing in the role play area that was set up as a doctor’s surgery, looking at real x-rays, making stethoscopes and making eye charts to read.

12th – 16th December 2022

Merry Christmas everyone! This week the classes have been taking part in Activity Week. This has included making Christmas cards, some classes have decorated gingerbread men and others have made snow globes, as well as many other exciting festive crafts. In EYFS the children have also created a Christmas role play area and winter themed play tray.

The whole school have taken part in Christmas productions where the singing, acting and dancing was fantastic.  A few children even sang solos which were beautiful. There was lots of laughter, a few proud tears and lots of clapping from the parents. On the final day the children celebrated with a Christmas Jumper Day, festive parties and a Christmas lunch together.

8th December 2022


Children In Need – 18th November 2022

We were super lucky to have a very special visitor the day before Children In Need.  All classes met Pudsey Bear and talked about how the donations help to look after and improve the lives of many children around the UK.
As a school we raised £442.04, so thank you for your support.

Remembrance Day – Friday 11th November 2022

Today the school learnt about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and the importance of poppies.  The year 1 children shared some of their amazing writing as well as their poppy paintings that they created.

Diwali – Monday 7th November 2022

Today year 1 were lucky to have Mrs Puri visit and to talk about Diwali.  She talked to classes Beech and Willow about how Hundi and Sikh families celebrate Diwali.  Mrs Puri showed the children her diwa lamps and some of the decorations they put up.  She also shared the Diwali story with the children which they really enjoyed.
The classes then shared some of the things they enjoyed about the day.
‘I liked all of the decorations’.
‘I enjoyed the story about Diwali’.
‘The candles lit up and there were lots of pretty patterns’.
‘We learnt that they followed the lights to get home in the story’.

Guy Fawkes – Friday 4th November 2022

Year 2 have been learning all about Guy Fawkes in History lessons.  On Friday 4th November they led assembly and shared their facts and read out a poem that they had learnt.  Some of the class also showed the school their oil pastel firework art.
In year 1 they talked about bonfire night and wrote instructions for using fireworks safely.
In EYFS they spoke about Guy Fawkes and the reason for bonfire night.  The children created firework drip painting in the style of Jackson Pollock as well as taking part in a drama session pretending to be fireworks with scarves and creating sound effects to create their own display.

The Queens Jubilee – May 2022

Children In Need – 19th November 2021

Police Visit – 24th June 2021

Sports Day – 22nd/23rd June 2021

Ducklings – 14th June 2021

Pyjamarama – 14th May 2021

On Friday Manor Farm Infant School took part in ‘Pyjamarama’ Day. The children were so excited to come to school in their pyjamas and take part in some special activities. 
In EYFS the children had fun decorating a pair of giant pyjamas as a class and had lots of extra story times throughout the day.
In Year 1 the children brought a favourite book to school and had fun sharing these with their friends.
Year 2 marked the day by sharing stories together and designing their own pair of pyjamas.
It was a lovely day and the children were happy to know that they would be helping raise money so that all children would be able to enjoy books at home.

Beech Class children brought in their favourite bedtime story. They enjoyed sharing their books with their friends, talking about what they were about and showing the pictures. We talked about how some children had brought in story books and how some had brought in information books. Some children had even brought in chapter books! The children then shared with the class why they were their favourite.

‘My book makes me feel calm, I read some pages every night with mummy.’

‘My book is my favourite because it has something funny in it…. A jaguar sitting on baked beans.’ The whole class found this very funny!

‘I love the characters in my book, some of them are funny.’

‘This is my favourite page because it has lots of beautiful colours but it’s sad too because the egg is falling in the water.’


S’Mores – 4th March 2020

All of year 1 enjoyed having a treat this week.  As our topic is explorers the children thought of things explorers might eat on their adventures. They enjoyed being explorers themselves and roasted their marshmallows on the fire and created s’mores with biscuits.  We learnt that they are called s’mores, because children used to say ‘I want some more’ which quickly became ‘I want s’more!’ Afterwards the children wrote instructions for how to make s’mores.


Igloo Building – 5th March 2020

The children have been explorers this week and learnt how to build an igloo. The children watched a video of people building igloos and had a go themselves. They worked as a team and thought about each step. They then wrote instructions for how to build an igloo.


Windsor Castle – 3rd December 2019

Hughenden Court Visit

Spruce class year ones performed an amazing rendition of ‘Down in the Jungle’ to the residents of Hughenden Court.  The children’s enthusiasm, energy and fabulous performance skills had us all smiling and laughing. We then made paper butterflies together and the children gave each resident a butterfly to decorate their homes with.

Plastic Pollution

Beech Class have been learning about pollution in the oceans.  They have created their own fish and used various materials which they thought could be things a fish might eat by accident or get caught up in.

Fiver Challenge

Year 2’s have had an insight into business by taking part in the Fiver Challenge to help them develop the skills they need for life and work and to help them prepare for their future.  Each group were given £5 and had to devise a plan to make as much profit as they could.

Enjoy looking at the photos to see the imaginative ideas they came up with.  After designing logos, creating shopping lists and making, the day of the big sale arrived.  It was really well supported by parents, grandparent, aunties and friends.  A total of £253.50 was made with each group deciding on either donating it to a charity of their choice or buying something for the school.

We think we have a few Alan Sugar’s in the making !

Tuesday 9th July

On Tuesday 9th July we hosted a sports competition between Year 2’s against Tylers Green First School.  Manor Farm Infant School were the defending champions and definitely up for the challenge !

We competed in the following events:  Penalty Shoot Out  –  Shot Put  –  Rugby Long  –   Jump Golf

The Results were extremely close with Manor Farm scoring 1000 points and Tylers Green scoring 1014 points.

Year 2 Grandparents Morning

On Thursday 20th June, Year 2 celebrated grandparents morning.  It was great having these special people in the class to help us and to see how much we had grown since being in Reception.  We worked together to make lion masks with paint and paper.

While the grandparents finished the morning with tea and cake, Year 2 sang songs from the Lion King and performed some animal poetry from ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.

Whipsnade Zoo

As part of our topic ‘Animal Kingdom’, we all enjoyed a wonderful visit to ‘Whipsnade Zoo’.

The weather was perfect which meant that a lot of the animals were active and we got to see them close up.  There were many highlights which included seeing the baby giraffe, watching the bird show and being lucky enough to see a newborn sealion when it was about one hour old.

There were many tired legs at the end of the day, but we came back having learnt more about the animals and with amazing memories.

Superhero Workshop

On Thursday 21st March the Reception classes had an amazing morning taking part in an energetic and exciting ‘Superhero Workshop.’ The workshop was a perfect ending to the topic and gave the children an opportunity to ‘become’ a superhero. They danced, jumped and bounced around whilst keeping the alien spaceships – huge balloons, off the ground. Using the parachute and the glowing sticks proved popular as did the chance to dance with light sticks. Thank you to Poppy’s Mum (Elm class) for a truly brilliant morning.

Hearing Dogs Visit

During the Spring term activity week, the children were thinking about ‘real-life’ superheroes. They had several visitors and one of the most inspiring was the visit from ‘Penny‘ the hearing dog, and Sylvia, one of the volunteers from The Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity based in Saunderton. During the visit the whole school had an assembly where they learnt something about the ways in which a hearing dog can help and about how it feels to be unable to hear. They watched video clips and had an opportunity to ask questions. Later each class took a turn to sit together in a circle whilst the very well behaved and friendly dog came round so the children could have a closer look and even stroke her if they wished.

It was a lovely morning and encouraged the children to think about the animals who help us and are also amazing ‘superheroes.’


Writers Day

Ten Year 2 children were fortunate enough to take part in a Writers Day, working with children from other local schools.
We listened carefully to the author Stephanie Baudet who told us all about how she got her ideas and the process or writing stories, sharing many top tips.  Stephanie then read the beginning of a story called ‘Taken by Aliens’ and asked the children to use their ideas to continue it.  Children then paired up with a child from another school and used their purple polishing pencils to edit their writing.


23rd January 2019

IMG_6940IMG_6933 IMG_6238 IMG_6240Book Share
17th December 2018

On the morning of Monday 17th December, Year 2 and Reception took part in ‘book share’.  The year 2 children all chose a story they would like to share and then when Reception arrived they partnered up and spent an enjoyable half an hour reading books together.  It was wonderful to hear the reading and engagement of all the children.

Author Visit

27th November 2018

Manor Farm Infant School had a wonderful afternoon today when they were visited by the author, Grant Koper.  He treated the children to an exciting reading of his book ‘The Day Granny’s Knickers Blew Away’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  He then invited children to ask him questions about being an author.   The children came out of the assembly full of enthusiasm about writing and having learnt all about how an author comes up with ideas.


     Hughenden Court Visit
7th June 2018

Residents at Hughenden Court were delighted to receive another visit from Manor Farm children recently. This time it was the turn of Beech Class. We presented the residents with a vase to keep in their lounge and we worked together to make paper flowers to fill it. Much fun was had by all! Beech class performed a school song about the summer time as well as a rousing rendition of a pirate song, which immediately upon finishing we were asked to perform for a second time.  The children then enjoyed colouring pirate pictures together with the residents and were then treated to juice and biscuits. We are looking forward to our final visit of the school year in July.


Schools 50th Anniversary

FINAL 50IMG_589723rd April 2018

Today we were given an assembly by Mrs Prince on her work in Kenya.
We learnt lots about the day to day life of children in Kenya and about the cultural differences between our country and theirs.  In particular things we take for granted such as – clean running water, washing machines and education.
We have been linked to Godagak School in Kenya and have been exchanging correspondence between our schools.

IMG_5889 IMG_5890Hughenden Court Visit

29th March 2018

Visiting Hughenden Court has become a highlight of the school term for the children of Manor Farm Infant School. This Easter it was the turn of Willow Class to visit. The children performed some Spring songs and a poem to a very appreciative audience of residents. We then all worked together to make Easter chick decorations which the children left with their friends at Hughenden to decorate their homes. Spending time together is a hugely rewarding experience for all and a joy to experience.

Residents commented “A very enjoyable visit from Manor Farm Infants. The children were all very well behaved and we all enjoyed helping with craft work paper chickens. We all look forward to their next visit” and for the children it was “so much fun”!



16th -17th March 2018

“Chestnut Class went one week ago to the Wycombe Swan to perform Energize.  We had 10 songs and 1 dance to learn.  We really enjoyed learning them because we like to practice a variety of different songs.  We are very creative !!
All of the songs were linked to The Button Box. Our dance was called Impuku nekati.  We had to perform twice, we were there from 8pm – 9pm on the Friday, and 3pm – 4.15pm on the Saturday.
It was great singing with a band and lots of other schools on a huge stage.”                    by Seren and Tabitha


Abigail (Larch Class) has been inspired by the Michael Bond Paddington stories that we enjoyed on World Book Day, to write her own Paddington Easter story.

Please enjoy !

IMG_5877IMG_5878IMG_5879World Book Day

8th March 2018

Children and staff came to school wearing pyjamas, bringing their favourite teddy and book to share to celebrate World Book Day.
Our theme was Paddington Bear and the children had great fun exploring Michael Bond’s stories through activities including drama, art and lots of marmalade, honey and jam sandwiches !


The Ducks

On Tuesday 29th February, our school had a special spring delivery of six precious eggs in an incubator.



Poet Visit
20th February 2018

We were fortunate to have a visit from the author James Carter.
The day began with an assembly for keystage one where we listened to poems and also joined in using actions too.
EYFS enjoyed a visit from James and loved his guitar playing and joining in with lots of entertaining poems.
Each Year 1 class then worked with James and they wrote their own class poem titled ‘Wonderful World of Animals’ which focused on imaginative adjectives, rhyming, alliteration and syllables.
James also worked with Year 2 classes, where they wrote their own Kennings poems.  We were impressed with the creative ideas and vocabulary.

IMG_5969IMG_6156 IMG_6164

Chinese New Year
19th February 2018

We celebrated Chinese New Year in Reception.  Everyone had a great day exploring the fun activities such as making lanterns, dragon masks, flags, writing Chinese numbers and yummy food tasting.


Seaside Day
3rd July 2017

Manor Farm Infant School transformed into a day jam packed full of Seaside fun.
Classes moved around activities:

  1. Water and sand fun.
  2. Beach scene cake decorating.
  3. Hermit crab craft making
  4. Electric circuits to light up lighthouses
  5. Capacity challenges
  6. Postcard writing
  7. Ocean themed bouncy inflatable assault course.

We all enjoyed a picnic together on the field and were very excited when the ice-cream van came to visit !


 Year 2 Grandparents Day
22nd June 2017

Year 2 were incredibly excited and proud to welcome many Grandparents to visit them in their classrooms.
After sharing the story ‘Sharing a Shell’ the children and grandparents worked together to create creatures to go in a rock pool.  For those children who did not have a visiting Grandparent, it was wonderful seeing them working with their friends and sharing their Grandparents.  Enjoy looking at the photos of the fantastic sea creatures that were made.
Grandparents were then treated to a performance of a selection of sea themed songs and we could see many toes tapping along.
After goodbyes from the children, Grandparents enjoyed tea and cake that were kindly served by the ‘Friends’.
It was a magical morning and a delight to see so many Grandparents engaging in their Grandchildren’s learning.


Mufti Day
19th June 2017

We were met by an overwhelming response on Monday, as children came to school wearing mufti for a donation towards the Grenfell Tower Fire Victims Fund.  Over £800 was raised by generous parents, staff and children.  Rosie (Larch Class) said “I thought about all of the people who don’t have homes anymore and I wanted to use my own money to help them”.
An assembly was held to talk about the fire and how our kindness will help families who have lost their homes.  The children also observed the national one minute silence.grenfell tower

Activity Week

27th – 31st March 2017

During Activity Week, the children decorated a hardboiled egg as part of our eggs-plorer competition.  As we have been learning about explorers, the children decorated their eggs linked to this half terms topic.

Comic Relief
24th March 2017

On Friday we wore red noses to school and raised £234.64 for Comic Relief.


Science Day
13th March 2017

On Monday 13th March, we celebrated Science Day.

Oak Class
Making a Volcano – we mixed several ingredients together: water, bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and vinegar to create a chemical reaction.  The children loved seeing the volcano erupt and the lava flow. 

Elm Class
We did the ‘rocket balloon’ experiment.  We set up 2 race tracks with straws on each string, we then chose from 3 different shaped balloons.  We filled the balloons with air, taped them to the straws and then let go. As the air rushed out it pushed the balloon along the string.  We discovered that round balloons travelled the furthest and the fastest along the string tracks.

Ash Class
We explored different materials to see which would be best at protecting eggs. We put an egg into a bag with our chosen material and dropped them from the top of a staircase,  The only eggs not to crack were the ones in the rice.  All of the others broke!

Beech Class
Our experiment was called ‘changing like the wind’ and we measured whether the wind changed direction in a ten minute time period.  We had lots of fun blowing bubbles and chasing them to see which direction the wind was blowing.  After observing and recording our results, we discussed if our predictions were correct.  We have some excellent scientists in the making !

Willow Class
We had a fantastic time learning about matter and pretending to be atoms inside of a solid, liquid and a gas.  Our favourite part was our experiment in which we turned our solid matter into a liquid state by melting it in our hands – and then we got to eat it.
It was “the best lesson ever”!

Spruce Class
Our experiment was called ‘catch a rainbow’.  We had lots of fun observing what happens to skittles when you pour milk or water on them.  We then added washing up liquid to carefully observe what happens to the colours.  It was very exciting !

Larch Class
Dancing Raisins – We enjoyed carrying out an experiment to see what happens when you drop raisins into tap water and compared this to what happens to raisins when they are put into fizzy sprite.

Chestnut Class
Investigated how different factors would change how quickly snowflakes would fall to the ground. We enjoyed testing different materials, the number of holes cut and the size of snowflakes to see which was the fastest and slowest.

All classes were excited to watch the rocket experiment on the playground.  Great scientific explanations were given by children to describe why the rocket shoots up in the air.

The Chicks

On Monday 6th March, the school had a special delivery – ten precious eggs in an incubator.

The Children watched and listened in wonder as five eggs hatched.  We became proud ‘parents’ to three little girls and two boys.

Watching the effort the chicks had to make to hatch and then how quickly they have grown and changed has been a source of amazement to children and adults alike.

What a wonderful experience !


World Book Day
2nd March 2017

The children have had a wonderful world book day in celebration of Dr Seuss’ 113th birthday.  Thanks to all the parents for making sure the children were dressed in the colours of the ‘Cat in the Hat’; black, white and red.

As well as enjoying some of his books, we were challenged to rhyme all the time during the day!

In the Reception classes, the children each made a paper plate ‘Cat in the Hat’ face with rhyming hats to go on them.  Lots of rhyming games were played along the way.  Also, the children made a very cute Thing 1 or Thing 2.

The rhyming continued into Year one with more ‘Cat in the Hat’ fun. The challenge was to build the tallest rhyming string, as well as other activities.  The children also wrote book reviews, made masks and bow ties in Beech class.  In Willow class, the children were introduced to ‘There’s a Wocket in my Pocket’.  They went on to make their own nonsense rhyming books and stick people.  In Spruce, the Year ones were making clovers, from ‘Horton hears a Who’.

The Year twos were enjoying ‘The Lorax’ in Spruce class.  Following on from that, the children went outside to find materials to build their own birds’ nests.  In Chestnut, the children enjoyed ‘If I ran the Zoo’ and created their own weird and wonderful animals. ‘The Cat in the Hat’ was featured in Larch too, rhyming words were appearing on kites which the children enjoyed making and then flying in the spring sunshine. 


RAF Band
26th January 2017

We were privileged to receive a visit from the RAF band who performed a wonderful concert for us. We learnt about the instruments they play as well as the different uniforms they wear for various occasions including when performing for the Royal Family. One group of children were lucky enough to try on some different RAF hats and to be given a quick lesson on how to march in time to the music, while another group had the very important role of becoming percussionists.

We were treated to a performance of ‘Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machine’ followed by a Disney medley which many of us enjoyed singing along to!


Perform Workshop
20th January 2017

All year groups had an amazing and memorable time when Abi Cohen visited our school, this time for a ‘Fairytale Adventure’.  The Children had the opportunity to improvise many fairytale characters and creatures.

Lots of fun and giggles were had be all !


Rocksteady Band
18th January 2017

We really enjoyed listening to Jamie from the Rocksteady Band.  We learned about the microphone, electric guitar, keyboard and the drums.
We were fantastic at singing along to the songs.


Year 1 Choir

Year 1 Choir proudly represented our school in a ‘Festival of Carols’ at All Saints’ Parish Church, High Wycombe. They sang two carols and spread smiles around the church.


Windsor Castle

As part of our topic of ‘Castles’ we have all been lucky enough to visit Windsor Castle.

It was fantastic to hear so many of the children talking about things that they have learnt this half term.  There were many highlights throughout the day including watching the ‘Changing of the Guard’, seeing a selection of the Queen’s dresses and looking at the beautiful Christmas decorations including the impressive tree in St George’s Hall.





July 2016

We all had an amazing time during activity week!  We learnt about many wild animals in preparation for our trip to Whipsnade Zoo, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.



June 2016

Willow Class at the Junior School pond


Year 2 Grandparents Morning

It was a pleasure to welcome so many grandparents to join Year 2 for the morning.

We all enjoyed watching a clip from Mary Poppins, where she jumped into a chalk picture with Jane, Michael and Bert.  The children were then extremely creative as they drew their own chalk pictures which included trips to space, underwater and candyland.

The children then treated the grandparents to amazingly beautiful singing of a selection of songs from Mary Poppins, which brought tears to many eyes.

As the children said goodbye feeling very proud, the grandparent enjoyed coffee and cake as they chatted with new and old friends.

Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations

The whole school celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday by holding royal games on the lawn, followed by a tea party.

All children made crowns to wear and bunting to decorate our playground.

While eating our delicious cakes which were decorated in red, white and blue we were treated to a lovely performance from the choir, which ended with the national anthem.

March 2016


We are all incredibly proud of the children in Larch Class who put on an amazing performance of ‘Big Green Adventure’ at Wycombe Swan Theatre.

Your enthusiasm, wonderful singing and fantastic dancing was a joy to watch and wow what an experience to perform on stage with a live band !

A big thank you to all staff and parents who helped make costumes and masks, the children looked great.  You also made the best audience and your cheers were the loudest !

We would also like to say a big thank you to Miss Bartropp, Mrs Jones and Year 6 from the Junior School who we thoroughly enjoyed working and performing with.

Most of all, well done to Larch Class.  We hope that your memories of Energise will stay with you for a very long time.

World Book Day

On Thursday 3rd March it was a delight to see all classes participating in all sorts of creative activities linked to Beatrix Potter.

Children (and staff!) arrived in their pyjamas to learn about the life of Beatrix Potter in assembly to mark the 150th anniversary of her birth this Summer.

Classes then visited different classrooms throughout the day to share Beatrix Potter stories and had plenty of opportunities to be creative as you will see in the photos below.  We finished off the day by watching ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ together.

Mother Goose Pantomime



Summer Project – What I Love About Where I Live

During the Summer holidays we asked your children to take a photograph of their favourite place in High Wycombe. Please see below the winning photos.

Year 1 Gold Award  MX-5112N_20151015_104053_001

Year 1 Silver Award  MX-5112N_20151015_104533_001

Year 1 Bronze Award  MX-5112N_20151015_104504_001

Year 2 Gold Award  MX-5112N_20151015_104655_001

Year 2 Silver Award  MX-5112N_20151015_104557_001

Year 2 Bronze Award  MX-5112N_20151015_104620_001

                World Book Day March 2015

February 2015

Today we had a visit from Mr Boden.  He tests ejection seats and teaches RAF cadets to fly gliders.  We learnt all about his job and why ejection seats are so important and how they work.  Both Chestnut and Larch classes thought of some interesting questions and loved finding out the answers.

Oak Class

We had an exciting visitor from the Troll in ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.  We were thinking about question words e.g. what, how, when, where.  We used these words to think of questions to ask the troll.  Here are some of the really interesting questions that we asked:

What is your name?    What is your favourite colour?    What do you like to eat?    What animal do you like?              What happened to you when you were pushed off the bridge?

 Maths Puzzle Day

The Happy Puzzle Company came in to school to challenge us and to help us develop our problem solving skills.  The day was a great success and lots of fun was had by all.

Max – Willow   “I liked the games, my favourite one was the game you had to balance the penguin on the iceberg, but it was really wobbly.  I would like to play it in class as it was really fun.”

Bethany – Chestnut  “I liked working as a team, spending the time playing games with my friends.  I would like to do the puzzles in class, the different shaped pieces one, that was hard.”

Johnny – Willow  “I liked the castle puzzle as it was easy as there was a picture and we knew what piece went where.  I would like to see the castle puzzle in class as it was the best.”

Macy – Beech  “I liked the big street puzzle that you had to click together.  I would like the penguin one in class.”

Oliver – Oak  “I liked the penguin game the best because the penguins kept falling off.  I would like the puzzle one in class.”

Lucy – Ash  “I liked the game of Jenga, I liked the picture.  In class I would like the penguin game as it was good fun.”

November 2014

On the 11th November across the school we spent the day remembering all those who have died due to the war.  These photos show some of the things that we did, so that we understand more about why it is important that we do not forget.