Mission Statement

‘We will endeavour to provide a safe environment where every child matters, allowing all pupils to develop, grow in confidence and independence, enabling them to fulfil their potential.’

School Values and Aims

  • to value each member of the school community.
  • to value education for its own sake as a means to enable children to develop to their maximum capacity and to make informed choices.
  • to foster a sense of self esteem and enable everyone to fulfil his or her potential in a caring disciplined and stimulating environment where talents and achievements are recognised and celebrated.
  • to develop understanding and respect for all people, promoting high standards of courtesy, consideration and behaviour.
  • to offer a broad and balanced range of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom, which includes moral, spiritual, cultural, practical, creative, aesthetic, physical and social education.
  • to enable pupils to become literate and numerate and to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to their future lives.
  • to encourage pupils to take pride in their school and to become aware of its place in the wider community and to promote enjoyment and happiness for all.

Shared Philosophy and Vision

Our philosophy of education states that an effective school should:

  • Have a positive ethos
  • Value all individuals and groups by having a commitment to inclusive educational principles
  • View the school as part of the wider community
  • Recognise that all members of the school community are involved in personal learning
  • Believe that learning is a collaborative and social process
  • Impact values and attitudes which foster and encourages teaching and learning
  • Promote and nurture creativity, independent thinking skills and emotional intelligence
  • Provide the opportunity for every pupil to learn and develop as a whole person; including personal, social, emotional, aesthetic, physical and academic development

We consider it is important that:

  • The school has shared common goals and aims
  • We recognise that there is always room for improvement
  • We raise standards and thereby equip pupils for adult life and life-long learning
  • The school community works as a team to provide for the needs of all the children in our care

Our vision is that we:

  • maintain high standards of achievement for all pupils
  • achieve all targets as outlined in school improvement plan
  • deliver the Every Child Matters agenda to support children in growing up to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives.