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Wrap Around Care

Our Care Provision commenced in 1997. It is a successful provider of high quality care. This is due to careful management and commitment of staff who both work hard to ensure quality care for the children and sustainability of the provision into the future.

  • Breakfast Club
    Early Bird (Breakfast Club) is run by the Pre-School and is available to all pupils on the Manor Farm Campus.
    Booking Form for Breakfast Club

  • After School Club
    Available to all pupils on the Manor Farm Campus. This includes children from Manor Farm Junior School.
    Booking Form for After School Club

  • Holiday Club
    Runs during all school holidays with the exception of Christmas. This service is used by parents from several other schools – currently 9 schools in total.
    Booking Form for Holiday Club


  • Manor Farm Afterschool and Holiday Clubs will provide a safe environment where every child matters, allowing all pupils to have access to a range of appropriate play activities which are well matched to their ages and abilities.

  • It is important that all children are given opportunities to grow in confidence and independence and develop their social skills by interacting in play activities in a purposeful and enjoyable way.

  • We value each member of the club community.

  • We value play for its own sake as a means to enable children to develop and to make informed choices.

  • We foster a sense of self esteem and help everyone fulfil their potential in a caring disciplined and stimulating environment.

  • To develop understanding and respect for all people, promoting high standards of courtesy, consideration and behaviour.

  • To offer a broad and balanced range of play experiences both indoors and outdoors.

  •  To promote enjoyment and happiness for all by making play purposeful and enjoyable.

  •  The school staff works as a team to provide for the needs of all the children in our care.